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People are the cornerstone of what we do.

Why Crowe Croatia?

Known as one of the best consulting firms in Croatia, company has more than 40 multilingual professionals employed to support over 300 clients with various professional services such as tax, audit and advisory services. In over eight years of steady growth, company continued to providing first-rate services with its one-stop-shop concept. But our success is not defined by those numbers. It is defined by you and our team of professionals. At Crowe Croatia, it's not enough to have a job. We want you to have an exciting and exceptional career, with challenging projects, continuous learning, and leadership opportunities. You'll be challenged to exceed expectations!


 From the day you start, you'll be part of the Crowe Croatia family, a friendly, supportive environment where open doors and minds are just two of the traits we'll share.Diversity of thought, as well as cultures, helps to create a dynamic team and work environment leading to creative solutions to our clients' business needs.Our partners and staff alike are committed to our values of "Care, Share, Invest, and Grow." They are values that help define the essence of the Crowe Croatia family.


 At Crowe  Croatia, leadership opportunities abound, whether it is leading teams or business units. If you are interested in becoming a leader, you will have the opportunity.We believe in identifying and developing strong leaders from within. Our future leader could be you.

Work/Life Balance

Your life outside of work is as important to us as the commitment you show every day on the job. Your career at Crowe Croatia will be demanding, and our philosophy strives to balance those demands with the flexibility you need to enjoy life. Achieving work/life balance is yet another example of our philosophy, because when you are at your best, it shows - to your team and your clients.


Crowe Croatia as employer aims to provide care and support to its employees, as well as to act as a platform for the professional and personal development of experts. The care for our employees includes giving them maximum support, which, during the first days of their employment, includes systemazed on boarding - introduction to the business, continuing education, career development through promotions and bonuses, monitoring of the employee's performance, work opportunities at Crowe Croatia offices in other countries, job rotation and much more.

Great Place to Work

Secure job and continuous development – this is a perspective in Crowe Croatia. Each and every employee has an opportunity to build career which is not limited by any fixed arrangements or schedules. We know that extraordinary achievements are only possible thanks to qualified and involved staff; therefore, we devote a lot of our time and resources for employees’ education. Our success, our continuous growth and the attention we give to the welfare of our firm create the basis for optimal professional development. Our team of experts takes continuous professional development seriously and stretches for the benefit of our clients.

We know that the foundations of our success lie in our highly qualified and motivated people. We work as a team and cooperate in order to deliver world class service. Share your ideas, contribute daily, and define your own future.

ACCA Approved Employer – Trainee Development, Platinum

ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us with an open request following the standard application process. A significant number of our employees has become a part of our team in such a way. We are looking forward to meet you!