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Audits, Reviews and Assurance

Annual Audits, Reviews & Assurance engagements 

The aim of both the legally required as well as the voluntary audit is the submission of an auditing opinion as to whether the financial statements comply with legal requirements and to provide as accurately as possible an indication of the situation as regards assets, finances and revenue. Further, it is to be ascertained whether the review of the situation corresponds with the annual financial statements.

The audits of your annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements are executed in accordance with national and international standards for all types of companies, of all sizes, irrespective of the sector.

Our audits are carried out in accordance with a risk-oriented audit approach, which is based on national and international rules and principles of proper auditing. Our audits include the investigation of operational procedures and the controls implemented and installed therein as regards the effects on an efficient internal control system.

We can carry out the following audits for you:

  • Voluntary audit in accordance with Croatian Financial Reporting Standards („CFRS“)
  • Obligatory audit in accordance with CFRS
  • Voluntary audit in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards („IFRS“)
  • Obligatory audit in accordance with IFRS
  • Obligatory audit in accordance with IFRS and HANFA requirements 
  • Audit in accordance with Handelsgesetzbuch („HGB“)
  • Audit of Group reporting package in accordance with Group accounting guidelines
  • Audit of non profit organisations
  • Audit of financing received from Funds
  • Audit of the capital increase
  • Audit of merger
  • Audit of demerger
  • Audit of incorporation of the company
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Internal audit
  • Limited review in accordance with CFRS
  • Limited review in accordance with IFRS
  • Audits of the Internal Control System (ICS), of the Risk Management System (RMS) or the Compliance Management Systems (CMS)


Corporate Accounting
Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting

Our auditors can offer you the following services in group accounting and in accordance with national (CFRS) and international (IFRS/US-GAAP) accounting principles:  

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements including reporting system
  • Setting up of groups reporting
  • Compilation of Reporting Packages
  • Preparation of internal handbooks (Group Accounting Manuals)
  • Special questions relating to consolidation


Corporate Governance & Compliance

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Compliance (also conformity to rules) is, in business terms, used to describe compliance with laws and guidelines but also with voluntary codes of practice.
The topic of compliance is nowadays not only a hot topic due to the numerous corporate scandals but also presents management bodies with great challenges. One can assume that the legal requirements will increase and become less transparent.
Our auditors will assess your regulations on corporate governance and compliance and will advice you regarding the sett up and improvement of your corporate governance.

We can provide the following services:  

  • Development of a Compliance Management System
  • Realisation recommendations
  • Optimisation of the Compliance Management System
  • Development of control procedures and communication processes
Fraud Investigation & Forensic Audit
Financial Due Diligence
Forensic Audit

Fraud Investigation & Forensic Audit

Every company can be affected by fraud, bribery and corruption. Financial losses and a great damage to one’s reputation and image can follow.
Our Fraud Investigation & Forensic Audit Team offer (discreet) investigations in cases of suspicion or damage and can help you to prevent the damage.

We can offer you the following:  

  • Forensic special investigations
  • Forensic data analyses
  • Recommendations for the optimisation of your organisation
  • Implementation of preventative measure and control systems

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