Risk Management

Internal Audit & Litigation Support

Other Internal Audit Services and Litigation Support

  • Establishment of internal control system

Our professionals can offer advices throughout the development of your internal audit function such as change in organization structure and evaluate the effectiveness of the internal audit function etc. We can also provide training to senior management and key personnel on topics in internal control and risk management.

  • Develop formal policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are fundamental elements of the internal control framework of any company. If your company has not yet developed its policies and procedural manuals, our professionals can work with your management team and provide assistance in establishing a comprehensive set of policies and procedures with adequate key internal control embedded in them.

  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing of internal control function

For companies which do not have sufficient internal audit resources, we can assist them with experienced internal audit professionals who can integrate into the in-house internal audit function swiftly.

For companies which are geographically dispersed or even without an internal audit function, we can tailor made an internal audit plan which links risk management to achievement of operational goals and strategic objectives. We can also provide the right resources to carry out the internal audit plan on companies’ behalf.

When our clients have international operations, we can assign a team of multicultural, multidisciplinary professionals who are conversant with the risks, cultures, and regulatory issues most relevant to your business to fulfill your needs.

  • Financial investigations and forensic accounting

We offer a wide range of litigation-related services. Our team consists of forensic accountants who are equipped with technical knowledge and rich experiences. Our ranges of services include forensic and financial investigation, review of accountant performance and financial documents for fraud, misconduct, or violation of industry standards.

  • Accountant’s expert witness services

Our professionals serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in accounting related and finance related legal matters, to provide expert witness reports and as witness accountant to court when being called upon.