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Crowe HK Financial Services Practice

Crowe Hong Kong Financial Services Practice (“FSP”) is specialised in providing audit and advisory services to clients from financial services industries, including private companies and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“HKEx”) listed groups:

1) Asset management industry

  • Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) regulated fund managers
  • Offshore funds and Cayman Islands Monetary Authority registered funds
  • Representative clients include:

-   Hong Kong listed conglomerates with SFC licensed asset management firms and Cayman funds
-   those with investment strategies comprising long-only or hedge, private equity, real estate, whisky, etc.; and
-   those with the assets under management worth from less than USD100 million to USD1,000 billion

2) Securities industry

  • SFC regulated broker-dealers
  • SFC regulated corporate advisory firms
  • Representative clients include Hong Kong listed conglomerates with SFC licensed securities dealing firms

3) Banking industry

  • Retail, commercial and virtual banks
  • Representative clients include a Hong Kong listed Mainland Chinese city commercial bank globally ranked 168th by Tier 1 Capital among the “Top 1,000 World Banks for 2018” published by the finance magazine, The Banker


1 • 2 • 10 APPROACH

FSP adopts a value-for-money approach which focuses on clients’ services. We have earned client recognition on board level as evident by the fact that the 1st-tier clients have changed from engaging Big Four CPA firms to FSP.

1st Tier Capabilities: Our team consists of professionals equipped with tier-one capabilities and world-class experiences. While being an independent auditor engaged by shareholders, we also strive to bring top-tier value-added services to clients.

2nd Tier Fees: Our services are priced at more competitive fees relative to those of first-tier brands in the financial services audit industry. Our business model brings us cost advantages and enhanced 1st-class service quality, which in turn helps nurture our clients’ long-term relationship with, and trust in us.

10+ years of Buy-Side Experiences: The Founder of FSP has taken on chief officer roles for more than a decade in asset management companies including a global asset management group and a boutique hedge fund manager / platform. He has resolved business issues arising from front to back offices across the board. The FSP he established approaches client’s accounting and audit issues in a more holistic manner from a business perspective.


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