Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to fulfilling our duties as a responsible and caring corporate citizen and building a better tomorrow for the new generation.
Caring Company

Our Social Commitment

Since the inauguration of our company in 2009, we have been making every effort to commit ourselves to the well-being of the community through our constant participation in charity events, volunteer services and eco-friendly activities. We are named as a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our continuous commitment to performing our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, and our efforts in fulfilling the criteria of the Caring Company Scheme including Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment.

As part of our commitment to serving the community, we donate to social services groups and non-profit organizations. We whole-heartedly encourage and support our partners and staff to participate in charity and community programs. We also leverage our professional knowledge and experience to serve the community by providing voluntary professional services to various charities and non-profit-making organizations.

Besides, we value our staff and always endeavor to provide them with opportunities of making full use of expertise and pursuing career development. We maintain communication with them and organize staff activities regularly to strengthen workplace relationships.

With the continuous social and economic development, we can achieve persistent business growth which in return enables us to put more resources in education and environmental protection for sustainable development of both our company and the society. We will continue to perform the duty of a good corporate citizen.


Our Efforts

1. Donation for Education

Crowe Horwath (HK) Education Trust

To realize our commitment to building a brighter future for the next generation, we established the Crowe Horwath (HK) Education Trust to promote educational initiatives in Hong Kong and China. Our aim is to make contributions to educational causes for the less fortunate younger generations.

We aim to contribute by constructing and maintaining schools in remote areas of China to give the underprivileged children a chance to receive education, as we believe it is an inherent right for our next generation to be educated. We will provide financial support in forms of scholarships, grants and allowances to students in need to advance their studies. We also promote, organize and sponsor educational and charitable activities to raise the educational level of people in Hong Kong and China.

Sponsoring Reading Program for the Village Schools in Shanxi

From September 2011 onward, we have sponsored the Ming De School’s projects, namely Ming De Library and Ming De Book Corner, under Green Field Foundation Limited for three years. Until then, four village schools have co-operated to set up Ming De book corners and the first batch of over 1,200 sponsored books were delivered to these schools.

With the establishment of Ming De Book Corner situated at the radiant zone of the centre library, the classroom book corners were set up through collaboration with the schools, enabling students to have free and unhindered access to books. The students’ self-managed library also helps relieve the administrative burden of schools and teachers, and cultivate students’ interest in reading through a substantially increased access to books. The participating schools will select some teachers to join the Program for Seed Reading Teacher through which they can receive the relevant training to help them initiate the reading class within schools.

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2. Emissions Reduction for Environmental Protection

As a member of the global village, we aim at minimizing the harmful impact on the environment in our business operation. For instance, we promote less paper printing and set up a waste recycling system to recall waste paper and stationery.

To raise our staff’s environmental awareness, we have been very active in participating in various kinds of green activities. We took part in the “Community Chest Green Day” and “the Salvation Army Recycling Programme” to encourage our staff to take action to support carbon reduction and the best use of resources, as well as to donate the discarded clothes, handbags, gifts and premiums, toys and books as recycled items which will be partly distributed to and partly sold at affordable prices to needy people.



3. Community Contribution

  • Donation and participation in charitable activities: Over the years, we have been supporting a wide range of charitable events including donations to the Friends of Caritas, supporting the “Caritas Charity TV Show”, participation in The Community Chest’s “Dress Casual Day” and “Love Teeth Day”, the charitable Rickshaw Race, and "World Kidney Day in Hong Kong" to show our care for the community. Through these charitable activities, we hope to promote social responsibility among our staff and motivate our management team and staff members to serve the community.
  • Serving the community with our professional knowledge: In addition to financial support and regular donation, we understand that we can contribute to the society with our professional knowledge and skills. Over the years, we have acted as honorary accountants and auditors for more than 50 charitable and non-profit-making organizations.


4. Care for Employees’ Development

  • Close communication with staff: We are greatly concerned about our staff development and wish them to grow with the company. We aim to keep close communication with our staff and always update them our latest corporate development and policies through intranet, newsletters and memorandums.
  • Staff development: Workshops and trainings are held regularly to enhance the professional standards of our staff and to ensure that they can meet the ever-changing market demands and challenges. Besides, our mentor-mentee program provides the newcomers in our audit department with guidance and support from experienced staff so that new members can be accustomed to the new working environment faster.
  • Team building: We organize different staff activities and encourage staff to participate in community services, such as parties, dessert competition, karaoke and dinner buffet and the charitable Rickshaw Race, etc. Our management and staff enjoyed the fun of these events.
  • Cultivate for the future: We organize career talks at various tertiary institutions to recruit graduates who have aspiration to become professional accountants and nurture them. Internship opportunities are offered regularly to university students in accounting discipline to help them develop for their future career in the accounting profession.