Team Members

Team Members

We have assembled a down-to-earth and dynamic team of professionals and supporting staff to deliver quality services to our clients. Our staff members are committed to maintaining professional excellence, integrity and objectivity in serving our clients.

Our extensive knowledge in the rules and regulations of local and international capital markets enable us to assume an active role in assisting clients in their listings and fund-raising exercises. We have assisted Chinese and local enterprises in listing on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ in the USA, SESDAQ in Singapore, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and PLUS Market in the United Kingdom, as well as ASX in Australia. With our strong connections and expertise, we are able to assemble a multifunctional team with experienced professionals to provide turnkey listing and consulting services to our clients.

The support provided by our experienced in-house technical and training team to our staff further strengthens the quality of our professional work in different types of engagements. Our comprehensive training programs assure awareness among our professional teams of all current legislation and rule changes, ensuring high technical standard in all services rendered.

As dictated by our Philosophy and Mission, we believe our clients deserve the best service. Our commitment to quality holds true not only in serving our clients, but also in the way we contribute to our community and our profession.


Chariman and CEO, and International Liaison Partner

Charles Charbon
Charles Chan
Chairman and
Charbon Lo
Liaison Partner


Heads of Our Professional Teams

Audit & IPO        
Warren Alex Kenneth Nickson Samuel
Warren Leung Alex Yau Kenneth Lau Nickson Kwok Samuel Choi

Yvonne Alvin Joanne Alan Patrick
Yvonne Sze Alvin Yeung Joann Chan Alan Wan Patrick Poon


IT Audit & Consultancy SME Audit Risk Management
& Advisory
Transaction Advisory  
Ester Charbon Eddy CS  
Ester Ip Charbon Lo


Eddy Yan CS Lam  


Albert George Mary Wilson  
Albert Cheung George Lam Mary Ho Wilson Tam  


Wealth Succession Consulting Accounting Service Business and Property Valuation    
C Yuen
Penny   Ester    
C Yuen Penny Chan Ester Ip    


Technical Support        

Raymond Tsui