Appreciation from Staff and Students of Society of Boys' Centres


Our company is always concerned about youth education. With our scholarship & development fund, we sponsor the Society of Boys’ Centres (“SBC”), a special education service organization, to organize youth development activities. Our Director Ms Pammy Fung has also been representing our company to serve as voluntary advisor for SBC since 2002.

On 26 June 2017, Pammy attended a meeting with other SBC Executive Committee members. A group of SBC student representatives came to thank for the sponsorships from our fund, which provided opportunities to SBC’s teaching staff and students to participate in overseas exchange activities and broaden their horizons.

Not only is SBC devoted to serving the youth, but SBC also cares about employee welfare and morale. SBC was awarded 2015/16 “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers” and “Awards for Innovation” by the Family Council. The staff representatives made some cakes and sent to Ms Fung and other committee members at the meeting to express their appreciation to the committee.

The Society of Boys’ Centres is a non-government organization. It provides services to students with difficulties in learning or adapting to family and social life, and assists the students to develop morality and talents.

Staff and Students of SBC thanked our Director Ms Pammy Fung and other Executive Committee members for their care and support.


Thank you cards from students of SBC.