The Crowe Executive Outlook Study, in conjunction with Forbes

Volatility can pose a multitude of business risks – and unexpected opportunities. Explore insights from the new Crowe Executive Outlook Study, just launched in partnership with Forbes, which shows how a select group of innovative leaders is using uncertainty to its advantage. 
Webinar: What to know from the Crowe Executive Outlook Study
Learn what key findings from the study could mean for your business.

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Mark A. Baer

Mark A. Baer

Crowe Chief Executive Officer

“The world around us is constantly evolving, presenting companies and business leaders with new challenges and opportunities every single day. We take great pride in helping clients embrace that change and volatility to drive meaningful business outcomes.”


Brenda L. Torres

Brenda L. Torres

Crowe Chief Operating Officer

“Over the course of our 80-year history, we’ve proven that trust, innovation, and adaptability are core parts of our DNA. We have a rich legacy of helping clients through all market cycles – up and down – because we take the time to truly understand their businesses and the journeys they are on. By doing so, we are well positioned to help them successfully navigate and embrace volatility as it arises.”


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