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| 9/16/2015
Crowe Soberman Best Accounting Firm Toronto Canada
Over the years, I have had the honour of working with Alan Wainer, Partner, [Crowe]Soberman and have never looked back! I was first introduced to Alan by a trusted friend. Our company had the potential to prosper, but lacked the knowledge and expertise to do it alone. As with any successful company, it takes the collective efforts of trusted professionals, colleagues and friends. [Crowe]Soberman has provided all three. They have dedicated themselves to assisting us with audits, tax and business planning, general counsel and improving overall company profitability. With [Crowe]Soberman we have grown steadily and today I take comfort in the fact that we can continue to prosper with Alan's guidance and advice. [Crowe]Soberman has made owning my own company a very rewarding experience. I have more confidence, look forward to the next business opportunity and welcome the chance to grow in the industry. A few short years ago, this was not the case. Alan has become an important part of our operation. [Crowe] Soberman genuinely cares about their clients from the moment you enter their office. 'Professional, 'knowledgeable' and 'personable,' are three words which I would use to best describe their organization. Over the past 25 years in business, I have come to appreciate that trust is the basis of any relationship. I trust Alan Wainer and [Crowe] Soberman implicitly. I highly recommend [Crowe] Soberman for both business and personal matters. There is no one better.

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