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| 12/20/2018
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Alan Wainer is a very forward-thinking practical CPA and a mentor to many. I have been fortunate to have known Alan for many years. The first time we spoke was a pleasant surprise. I would like to relate this personal story of how Alan and I first became acquainted with each other. This is to illustrate why I believe Alan and his firm are viewed more than as typical accountants. This has resulted in him becoming an integral and essential partner for his clients and colleagues. This has earned him to be viewed as a thought leader.

At the time I was a columnist for LexisNexis’ The Bottom Line, Canada’s largest accountant trade newspaper. I had been writing for several years diligently and to the most part it felt like I was the only one other than my editors that read my articles. Then one day I got the best call and it was from Alan. He gave me such encouragement during that first conversation. Alan had called to share with me how much he appreciated the topics that I had addressed in my articles and how he looked forward to reading them each issue.

From that moment on Alan and I started to collaborate on over a dozen articles. The ideas for these columns had originated from real life client situations and the practical solutions that Alan had used to addressed them in his own business advisory and tax practice. He was sharing with me invaluable insight from the trenches that were of practical value for The Bottom Line’s readership of CPAs and other tax and financial professionals.

Through Alan’s 30 plus years as an audit & advisory partner at Crowe Soberman LLP, he has demonstrated through the loyalty he has earned from his clients, partners and professional colleagues for his ability to work with, listened to and learned from owner-managed businesses assisting them in clearly articulating their financial goals, priorities and values and devising action plans tailored to their needs.

Alan Wainer is a committed professional who always aspires to be at his very best, by being creative and caring for those that depend on him. I believe what Alan relishes more than anything else is to be a mentor and sharing his well-earned wisdom with his clients, younger professionals and the next generation of leaders in our community. Since our first conversation I have always had a deep appreciation for Alan, his collegial spirit and the commitment and dedication he gives to his clients, and his profession.

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