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| 9/19/2016
Crowe Soberman Best Accounting Firm Toronto Canada
Our company was founded in 2002, and Jeffrey Steinberg has been our accountant since its inception. Not only was he instrumental in establishing all of our corporate accounting requirements, he also went above and beyond to assist us in other aspects of our business, including connecting us with the right professionals for each of our needs.

Since our account was brought to the Crowe Soberman team the level of service that Jeffrey has been able to provide has only continued to increase. The ability to have access to so many accounting disciplines and experts available under Crowe Soberman’s offerings has allowed our company to get advice and direction in a timely and accurate manner. It’s comforting to know that one firm can provide so many different services under the same umbrella. Furthermore, having Jeffrey continue to be our ongoing point-person no matter the topic, gives us the comfort of knowing our business is being managed consistently.

This trust and confidence allows us focus on our day-to-day business and do what we do best. Without hesitation I would recommend both Jeffrey Steinberg and the Crowe Soberman team to any person or business seeking a highly professional accounting firm that offers a wide range of services. In fact, I often provide such recommendations unsolicited to many of my colleagues.

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Jeffrey Steinberg
Jeffrey Steinberg
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