The HR Triple Bill

Susan Hodkinson
| 2/20/2019
HR professionals are talking about three issues that have the potential to impact the Canadian workplace in 2019:
  1. Bill 47 – Employment Standards Act Changes – “Follow the bouncing red ball”
In October 2018, the Ontario government introduced Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, which reversed many of the changes (and proposed changes) to the prior government’s Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. With such recent changes to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act impacting important provisions (such as minimum wage, personal emergency leave, formulas for public holiday pay, equal pay for equal work, employee/contractor classifications, and so on) are you starting to feel like your organization is simply following the bouncing red ball?
  1. Cannabis and Your Workplace – A major change or “so what”?
Also in October, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. This has brought forward much concern and unease about creating workplace policies and practices that safeguard human rights obligations, while ensuring the workplace remains safe and productive. But what has really changed that you need to know about?
  1. Unconscious Bias – What is it and how can it hurt your business?

“Unconscious bias” is social stereotyping certain groups of people that we may be unaware of and which happen outside our control. We all bring our own unconscious biases into the workplace that influence many areas of our businesses, and impact our ability to be truly inclusive. It can impair diversity and retention rates, promote a disconnected culture, and undermine recruiting efforts or employee development – all which can be destabilizing to an organization. Are you aware of the unconscious bias in your organization, its impact and what you can do about it?

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