Beyond MD Podcast: Holding Companies

With Dr. Yatin Chadha

Alexandra (Ali) Spinner
| 3/31/2022

Holding Companies

Tax partner Ali Spinner, CPA, CA, TEP joins the beyond MD with Dr. Yatin Chadha podcast discussing everything you need to know about holding companies for incorporated businesses and professionals.

In this episode, they discuss:

- Holding company - what is it, rationale (5:00)

- Rationale for protecting investments/assets from medical liability (8:45)

- Homes with 2 professional corps, when to set up (11:00)

- HoldCo set up, transfer of $ from operating company to HoldCo (14:00)

- Lifetime capital gains exemption/LCGE (20:13)

- Tax on passive/split income, TOPI/TOSI (26:15)

- Surplus stripping (30:02)

- Investing in collectibles (40:17)

- Rental properties (42:04)

- HoldCo downsides/costs (45:58)

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