2021 Personal Income Tax Checklist

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| 1/31/2022
New for this year, we’re introducing the simplified 2021 Personal Income Tax Checklist to assist you in gathering the reporting information and documents necessary for preparing your return.

For security purposes, all documentation, slips and receipts should be uploaded to our Client Portal. If you need help setting up or accessing the portal, contact your Crowe Soberman advisor or their assistant.

Note that if you or your spouse carried on a business in the year, you have until June 15, 2022 to file your personal income tax return. However, any tax liabilities that you or your spouse have, are due May 2, 2022.

Important for EFILE

Digital TaxIt is mandatory for all tax returns prepared by Crowe Soberman to be e-filed (certain exceptions are provided by CRA).

Filing your tax return electronically is fast, safe, easy, and environmentally friendly. The benefits of using EFILE Online are:

  • Individuals who have their returns e-filed can generally expect to have their returns and refunds processed within two weeks. You can get your refund even faster if you use direct deposit.
  • Crowe Soberman receives an electronic acknowledgement that the return has been received.
  • If you have to pay, you can e-file your return early and not pay the amount owing until April 30. Your payment can be made by telephone, Internet banking, ATM or by using the remittance form. In many cases, taxpayers receive their notice of assessment before the payment is due.

Crowe Soberman will store your returns electronically in a secure environment that can be easily accessed when, or if, required.

Please note that it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to maintain a complete copy of all income tax supporting information.

All completed returns will be delivered by way of our client portal, unless you inform us otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding the organizer or wish to discuss any aspect of your personal tax situation, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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