Crowe Soberman Client Portal Terms of Service

Crowe Soberman Client Portal Terms of Service

We are pleased to offer at no cost to you, access and use of the Crowe Soberman Client Portal (“Client Portal”). The Client Portal is provided and supported with the assistance of our third party platform service provider (“Service Provider”).

Important Information

Prior to creating your account (“Account”), we encourage you to review the Service Provider’s terms and policies that govern all users of its platform services, including our Client Portal.

Some of the terms we wish to highlight include:

Accounts. Accounts are required to access the Client Portal and use its features.  Individual accounts are provided to you, our client, and the authorized users you designate. You warrant that you are authorized to bind your organization to the Service Provider’s terms and policies. Clients are responsible for advising Crowe Soberman immediately if an individual client account should be disabled.

Security. Robust technological, administrative and organizational security measures are used by the Service Provider to safeguard information from unauthorized access, disclosure and loss. Crowe Soberman views the Client Portal as a secure data-sharing option over standard email, however, there is always risk in using the Internet and Crowe Soberman, as well as the Service Provider, makes no guarantee to the safeguarding of data processed through the Client Portal.

Access and Disclosure of Data. Access to data is restricted to authorized users with registered Accounts. The Service Provider does not review, share, distribute or reference the data shared through the Client Portal, except in limited circumstances, such as responding to technical issues, customer support inquiries, or if required by law.

Analytics. The Service Provider may collect technical data from Account holders regarding their use and operation of the Client Portal. The technical data is aggregated, meaning you cannot be identified, and the Service Provider only uses the data for analytical purposes in order to operate and improve its platform and services.

Termination of Client Portal. Crowe Soberman may discontinue the Client Portal at any time. Should we decide to no longer provide the service, we will notify you and discuss alternative options to sharing digital data in a safe and secure manner.

To read the Service Provider’s full applicable terms and policies, please visit: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Security Policy. These terms and policies will also be accessible in the Client Portal.

If you do not agree with the terms and policies, have questions regarding the Service Provider or the Client Portal, or you do not wish to create an Account, please contact Crowe Soberman to discuss.

By creating an Account, you acknowledge and consent to all terms and policies, and agree to the following:

As Crowe Soberman is not the owner, operator or licensor of the Client Portal, it does not provide any warranties or conditions, either express, implied or statutory, with respect to the Client Portal. You acknowledge that Crowe Soberman is not responsible or liable in respect of your use of the Client Portal, any content contained in the Client Portal, the operation of the Client Portal, or any use of data by the Service Provider pursuant to its terms and policies, including any damages that you may suffer. Crowe Soberman will not be liable to you or any others for any loss or damages due to your use of the Client Portal. Your use of the Client Portal is always voluntary and you may discontinue your use of the Client Portal at any time.