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Story Ideas

Are you a journalist, freelance writer, or another member of the media, and interested in interviewing a Crowe Soberman representative?

Some Suggested Topics

  • Succession: Setting your small business up for succession
  • Tax: Counting the dimes – SMB tax management
  • Tax: The practical application of bare trust reporting rules 
  • Tax: Tax-effective philanthropy  
  • Technology: Financial advice for tech startups?
  • Healthcare: Income Splitting
  • Healthcare: Financial advice for young healthcare providers
  • Families: Income Splitting
  • Families: Why set up a family office? 
  • Families: Building a family office through effective governance 
  • Sports & Entertainment: Foreign Reporting Requirements for Canadian & U.S. Athletes 
  • Sports & Entertainment: GST/HST Tax for Social Media Influencers 
  • Sports & Entertainment: NIL and Canadian Athletes 
  • Sports & Entertainment: You’re a female athlete and just signed your first pro contract, now what? 
  • Sports & Entertainment: Tax Planning for Professional Athletes 
  • Accounting Standards: Impairment of Financial Instruments Rule Changes
  • Succession, Family Run Business: Challenges and difficulties that can arise when matrimonial animosity comes into play in HNW-run family businesses?
  • Financial Reporting: Corporate financial reporting, red flags signaling loopholes in the company’s financial reporting system
  • Business Valuation: Strategies to protect assets in an adversarial HNW divorce situation

Media Contact

Adam Scherer
Managing Partner, (he/him)
Adam Scherer Professional Corporation