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Canadian businesses are constantly innovating, but are often unaware of how to register and protect their intellectual property (IP). Your time and effort invested in new ideas, inventions, processes or products may be at risk of theft if protective measures are not implemented. Crowe MacKay’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) and IP consultants have the experience to assist you and ensure your patents and trademarks are protected.

Patent and trademark infringement is also an important consideration. Litigation is expensive, time consuming, and unpredictable, so avoiding this potential pitfall is essential.

Features and IP Types

A successful product usually has at least one of the following features:

Feature (Advantage)

IP Protection Type & Term 

Functional Improvement over existing products in the marketplace, right granted for a technical invention

Patents, 20 years

Trade Secrets, forever

Attractive Design (product appearance, including packaging) 

Industrial Designs (Canada), 10 years 

Design Patents (US), 14 years

Brand Name of the product (or company name) has a good reputation Trademarks, forever (renewable 10 year terms) 
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Patent & Other IP Services

Whether you need to register a trademark or patent an idea in Canada, Crowe MacKay‚Äôs team of Intellectual Property consultants work with you to protect your innovations, mitigate risks, and ensure your products produce the highest returns. 

  Patentability Criteria

Likelihood of obtaining a valid patent

Obtaining a valid patent at the onset of a project can save a company tens of thousands of dollars and time and effort. When you secure a patent you avoid the risk of filing for an improvement that cannot be patented. For a Canadian patent assessment and application you must prove novelty, inventive step, and utility over all existing publications (patents, technical papers, presentations, etc.). 


  Patent of Trademark Infringement

Determine risk of infringing value patents or trademarks

Once your business obtains a patent and commercializes products, our professional team of consultants will assist you and conduct an environmental scan of competitors or third parties who potentially are infringing on pre-existing patents or trademarks.

  Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Identifying barriers to product or process commercialization

To avoid potential lawsuits, it's essential for a company to determine whether their invention may infringe on an existing patent. Patent infringement lawsuits frequently cost more than $1 million in legal fees, with some successful litigations resulting in monetary compensation to the patent holder. In some extreme situations, a business may receive an injunction to cease sales and production.

  Patent Strategy

Adding value to your research and registration

Understanding how to take your innovation to the market is not always straight forward and IP protection can be costly. Crowe MacKay's experienced advisors can help you develop a patent strategy that will maximize your company's profits.

When and where should you file for a patent? Do you need a provisional patent? Should you keep your invention as a trade secret? Crowe MacKay's intellectual property consultants can answer these frequently asked questions and ensure that your products are protected.

Crowe MacKay’s team has significant experience with helping SMEs and large companies protect their patents and trademarks.

Intellectual Property Consulting Service Leader

Tony Asseiro
Tony Asseiro
Senior Manager, SR&ED Technical

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