Using Intellectual Property to Protect Your Company’s Assets

Tony Asseiro
| 2/15/2022

Watch this webinar as Crowe experts discuss:

Trademarks: Product or company names can be important branding BUT may also accidentally infringe existing trademarks.

Copyrights: “Right to Copy” any kind of creative work such as product specifications/documentation/brochures; firmware; software; databases

Patents: Parents are the most powerful form of protection and the biggest source of legal liability. We will discuss patent protection eligibility, types of patents, and the patent process.

Who should watch this webinar

The content of this webinar is for Small-Medium Enterprises and start-up companies in any industry.


Tony is a SR&ED and intellectual property expert, having extensive experience with SMEs and large multinational companies in various industries. He is a successful project manager who works with engineers and technical staff to develop SR&ED technical project descriptions. He also provides advice on IP matters such as patent and trademark strategies. Tony is known for his excellent communication skills and strong customer service focus.
Tony Asseiro
Tony Asseiro
Senior Manager, SR&ED Technical

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