2018 Tax Planning Newsletter

2018 Tax Planning Newsletter

2018 Tax Planning Newsletter

Welcome to our 2018 tax planning issue; a guide dedicated to helping you get the most out of your tax returns. This newsletter is full of topics and opportunities that we believe you should consider when filing your 2018 taxes. This publication is not intended to be a summary of the technical provisions of the Income Tax Act, and before you undertake any tax planning strategy, it is important to review it thoroughly with your Crowe MacKay tax advisor.

Missed Opportunities Mean Extra Taxes

Thousands of Canadians pay more income tax than they should. By not taking full advantage of deductions, you may be one of those generous Canadians without even knowing it.  Are you aware of all of the deductions that are available to you?  Do you file your return on time?  Do you pay tax installments quarterly to avoid interest charges? This document outlines some of the important dates and some of the commonly missed opportunities that could be contributing to your larger than necessary tax bill.

In This Issue

Expenses you may be entitled to deduct

Tax credits you might be eligible to claim

How to impact your 2018 tax bill

What’s new for 2018 tax returns

Major changes coming in 2019

Important 2018 tax year dates

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2018 Tax Planning Newsletter

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