Rochelle's 'Perfect Gift' Memory

Celebrating 50 Years: A Kind Gesture has Led to Rochelle's Lasting Dedication 

Rochelle Mitchell
Rochelle's Perfect Gift Memory

One of my fondest memories of being at Crowe Mackay was during my UFE celebration (yes I am dating myself with this acronym). I hadn’t known what to expect as there hadn’t been a UFE student for quite a few years in our office. Most of the day was a blur (as I’m sure many people can attest to) full of tears of joy and excitement, but this memory really stands out for me.

We were having champagne and orange juice in the lunch room with everyone congratulating me, when I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and was presented with a huge vase full for skittles and a champagne bottle. For anyone that doesn’t know, skittles are my absolute favourite and it only took me two months to eat them all.

It was such a pleasant surprise. I felt touched that my fellow co-workers took the time to think about what I would really appreciate and not just take the easy way out and get me a generic gift. It really demonstrated living our core value of we care.

This memory is one of the many reasons I feel really proud to be a partner at a firm that truly does care. It is not just words written on paper filed away, but is demonstrated frequently in our actions with staff, clients, and our community. Such small kind gestures are simple examples of what makes Crowe Mackay a great firm, and has definitely contributed to our success over the past 50 years.

Rochelle Mitchell
Partner, Edmonton

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