Edmonton Office Volunteers at CPA Alberta's Free Tax Clinic

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| 4/15/2019
CPA Volunteers Free Tax Clinic

This past weekend, a team of seven accountants from our Edmonton office, including partners, accountants, and students, volunteered with CPA Alberta’s Free Tax Clinic at the GEF Seniors Housing: Sakaw Terrace. Established in 1973, the CPA Alberta now hosts over 300 clinics at 135 different locations across Alberta; in total, requiring 530 volunteers and a total of 2,850 hours.

Why volunteer?

This year, Stephen Zhang, an Edmonton Partner, organized professionals to volunteer for the Free Tax Clinic. He believes it’s a great “way to give back to the community,” valuing how visitors “appreciate the time put in.” Maia Greer, a Staff Accountant, adds that “everyone who comes in is very friendly and gracious.” Stephen commends the Edmonton team's volunteerism, demonstrating their dedication and compassion for the community they live in.

Making an impact in the community and in the office

As a more recent hire in the Edmonton office, Maia says she feels “proud to work at a place where people donate their time to help out others.” She comments on how there are individuals from all levels of the office participating in this year’s Free Tax Clinic, from partners to interns. She’s “encouraged to see this as a new staff beginning [her] career at Crowe MacKay.”

Why is the free tax clinic important?

Volunteering at the CPA Free Tax Clinic allows for 4,000 low-income community members to receive this service, an estimate provided by Juanita, an organizing member from CPA Alberta. The volume of people utilizing the clinic alone demonstrates its importance. Additionally, Stephen shares that “CPA Alberta provides [this] community service program to assist the elderly, disabled, unemployed, and new Canadian citizens that are financially disadvantaged to complete their annual personal tax returns.” Maia highlights: “everyone needs to file their taxes but not everyone has the financial resources or education to do so,” which is what makes this free service so important in our communities.

Volunteer with your CPA Chapter

Contact your local CPA chapter for more information on local volunteer opportunities. Make a difference in the industry and your local community by judging a case competition, mentoring, volunteering at a tax clinic, and more.


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