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| 2/24/2020
Chase Soosay 2019 No Limits Award Recipient

Crowe MacKay LLP is a proud supporter of Indigenous Communities across Northern and Western Canada. We believe investing in young Indigenous leaders creates positive change and leverages these smart-decision makers to make a difference in the accounting industry.

The Crowe MacKay No Limits Award, created within the CPA Alberta’s Education Foundation, provides one scholarship of $3,750 to an Indigenous Albertan student in their third year of study, working towards a business degree, with an interest in pursuing their CPA designation. Our most recent award recipient is Chase Soosay. Chase is on his way to being an Indigenous business leader. He shares what his future looks like and how he is committed to making a difference, all while building his career.

Building a future for change is the true meaning of success for Chase Soosay, Crowe MacKay’s 2019 No Limits Award recipient. As a young adult, he has a mature introspect in identifying how he can make the future better for those in his community.

Chase was raised in Maskwacis, Alberta in the Samson Cree Nation. He’s lived the majority of his life there, only leaving to complete his high school diploma and attend MacEwan University to pursue his Bachelor of Commerce. Growing up in the Samson Cree Nation, Chase noticed the lack of male mentors in his community; this sparked his ambition to become a leader and mentor for youth, providing them with a role model. Chase believes through focusing on youth, “revitalization of our people, our community, and our culture” can start to take shape.


The power of resiliency is ground breaking and I truly believe that our generation and the next will be creating leaps towards breaking barriers and becoming a huge part within Canada’s economic and political environment.


Chase contributes being raised in the Samson Cree Nation as an important influence in his life. “My community has had a great impact on my own personal journey and the opportunities presented to me,” says Chase, "it's this journey I want to share with indigenous youth to enlighten and inspire them to embark on their path. I want to be an inspiration that many other First Nation’s people can look up to.” 

You can find Chase actively volunteering within the Samson Cree Nation whether it be at ceremonies, supporting elders, at summer camps, or being a ‘Secret Santa’ delivering gifts to underprivileged children. On campus, Chase is an active volunteer at MacEwan University’s Indigenous Centre, Kihew Waciston, where he mentors current and prospective students. In addition, Chase is a volunteer for the MacEwan University Accounting Club’s Tax Clinic and the Dreamcatcher’s Indigenous Youth Conference.


I want to be an inspiration that many other First Nation’s people can look up to.


There’s no denying Chase has a passion for giving back to the communities that have supported him, which made him the perfect candidate for the Crowe MacKay No Limits Award. When asked where he wants to concentrate his time volunteering he says, “my main focus has been targeted towards the youth lately, as these are the people of our future.” Chase understands the impact his and future generations in his community can have in our world, and he’s determined to ensure they make a change for the better: “The power of resiliency is ground breaking and I truly believe that our generation and the next will be creating leaps towards breaking barriers and becoming a huge part within Canada’s economic and political environment.” 

While Chase is already focused on preparing the next generation for their future, we’re still in awe of his bold approach to life and creating success for not only himself, but those around him. Chase reflects on the daunting decision to pursue his post-secondary education. The pressures of excelling in his courses, managing relationships, working in new communities, balancing personal fulfillment, all while supporting himself were overwhelming; but it’s all been worth it. As a student nearing the end of his program, Chase can confidently say he has found his passion: “Accounting was just the program that clicked. Each topic intrigued my interests and I excelled. It was from this point that I knew my major and exploring the amazing opportunities that the CPA designation would offer.”

At the early stages of his career, Chase already exemplifies the qualities of a selfless leader, and we see him living some of the same values that make up Crowe MacKay’s core values, such as caring for our communities. When asked what determines if one is successful, he keeps to his values, simply measuring his personal success in how much he can give back to his community. So, what does the big picture look like for Chase?  “It's my ambition to impact as many people as I can to create a ripple effect— a domino effect of inspiration — so that we can all achieve.”

Apply now for the 2020 Crowe MacKay No Limits Award. Deadline to apply is February 28, 2020 

Photography provided by CPA Alberta Education Foundation

Photographer: Laughing Dog Photography

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