CFE Graduate Awarded 2019 CPA Alberta Veres Picton & Co. Michael Lissey CA Memorial Award

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| 2/22/2019
Picton & Co. Michael Lissey CA Memorial Award

Tyler Pennington, a CFE graduate in the Edmonton Office, will officially receive his CPA credentials at convocation on February 23. He will be recognized as a leader in his class as the recipient of the 2019 Veres Picton & Co. Michael Lissey CA Memorial Award.

While hockey kept him busy on the ice, Tyler discovered a new passion that didn't require skates, but rather excel formulas. From 2011 to 2016, Tyler pursued his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting at MacEwan University, where he then landed at the Crowe Edmonton office shortly after.

Now, together both of his passions made him the ideal candidate for this award. The Michael Lissey CA Memorial Award recognizes successful CFE writers who are volunteering and putting their energy towards helping kids find happiness through sport and activity.

Paul Harris, HR Partner of Crowe MacKay, comments on Tyler's hard-working, committed, and diligent spirit and how "most people wipe their slates clean" in order to complete their CPA. Not Tyler.

"Coaching at the level Tyler does it at, on its own, is a really big commitment. Completing your CPA at the same time, that is what this award is all about." - Paul Harris

Tyler has a long history with hockey. His journey started at the minor league level, where he eventually played junior hockey in Edmonton before moving into coaching in 2014.

Mike Leonhardt, a head coach of the PAC Minor Midget AAA Saints, mentions that for five years Tyler has given back to the hockey community in the form of coaching and mentoring.

Mike gives high praise to Tyler for "successfully balancing professional courses, a new career, and his personal life responsibilities while finding time to give back."

Tyler has a bright future as he goes "above and beyond expectations, and I can see the same work ethic and dedication to his career." - Mike Leonhardt

Congratulations Tyler on receiving the Veres Picton & Co. Michael Lissey CA Memorial Award!


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