KF Aerospace: An Unbeatable Force

How KF Aerospace Became a One-Stop-Shop within the Aviation Market

| 1/29/2024
Founded in 1970 by Barry Lapointe, KF Aerospace has become Canada’s largest aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) provider. Starting in Kelowna, now 53 years into their business with additional operations in Vancouver, Hamilton, Calgary, Ottawa, and Portage La Prairie, KF Aerospace has perfected its trade, becoming an unbeatable force in the aviation market.

Opportunity for Innovation

Recognizing a common "one size fits all" approach in the aviation maintenance industry, KF Aerospace identified market gaps and aimed to evolve into a comprehensive service provider. Rather than focusing on a single specialization, the company boldly decided to provide extensive in-house services, enabling them to cater to virtually any aerospace work request with tailored solutions for clients. With over five decades of expertise spanning aerospace engineering, manufacturing, testing, avionics, painting, and more, KF Aerospace has emerged as a highly respected and trusted player in the aviation sector.

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Evolution Through the Ages

Since 1970, KF Aerospace's success stems from a commitment to innovation and education. Their focus on staying current with evolving technologies and educating their team on aviation innovations has fueled their growth throughout the years. These strategies have enabled them to excel in the aviation market, alongside their maintenance and modification contracts, military pilot training, and support work for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

A clear demonstration of their commitment to innovation is their contribution to establishing a new Aerospace Engineering program at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan. Matt Stone, Engagement, Communication & Marketing Lead at KF Aerospace, shares that investing in education and training is "essential for business growth, fostering new capabilities, and innovative ideas." This, combined with substantial investments in their facilities and implementing a continuous improvement program, keeps KF Aerospace at the forefront of their industry.


We continue to evaluate and expand our capabilities in this industry, looking for avenues to bring new expertise into our company.


- Matt Stone


Achieving Years of Success

Matt credits the company's success to the team's daily demonstration of flexibility, agility, and consistently delivering high-quality results. Their knack for promptly addressing challenging and intricate problems with cost-effective solutions has fostered a strong rapport between KF Aerospace and its clientele. Matt underscores how their unwavering “commitment to quality and punctual deliveries has retained existing customers and attracted new ones, driving growth in strategic areas.”

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A Legendary Legacy

A passion for innovation and pride in their people creates an apparent legacy for KF Aerospace. With a myriad of possibilities ahead of them in a constantly evolving market, their mission will no doubt remain constant: to echo the goals of founder Barry Lapointe in creating “a legacy of aerospace excellence in Canada, by Canadians.” 

Nick Moffatt, Crowe MacKay Kelowna Partner, has worked closely with KF Aerospace since they became a client of the firm in 2000. Nick shares that KF Aerospace is Kelowna's largest private-sector employer. He applauds their investment in the local region, sharing that “the construction of the KF Centre of Excellence ” a visitor’s centre hosting a unique mix of airplanes, exhibits, history, science, and sightseeing that showcases the achievement and innovation in the aerospace industry in the Okanagan Valley, “and a significant contribution to the local YMCA to help build a new child care facility at the Kelowna airport are just a few of the most recent local investments.” Nick notes that these initiatives demonstrate KF Aerospace’s commitment to growth, innovation, and community well-being, staples to an organization’s long-term success.

A commitment to providing quality employment opportunities and investing in the education of young people will continue to be the driving force behind the success of KF Aerospace and set them apart for many years to come. 

Nick Moffatt, Crowe MacKay Kelowna Partner, and Miles Laing, Crowe MacKay Kelowna Associate, primarily provide KF Aerospace with audit and tax support services.

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