Human in Motion Robotics: Changing Lives One Exoskeleton at a Time

| 1/15/2024

A Vancouver Company Built on Pennies and Passion

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Siamak Arzanpour and Dr. Edward Park, Human in Motion Robotics (HMR) has made waves in current exoskeleton technology. They’ve designed a product which empowers individuals with motion disabilities to walk freely, naturally, and independently. Starting as a small, highly skilled group of students, end-users, therapists, and organizations, HMR has gone on to build the world’s most advanced exoskeleton system. Their innovation changes people’s lives to an unimaginable degree.
Wearable Medical Assistive Robotic Technology
XoMotion –  Wearable Medical Assistive Robotic Technology

Identifying Issues in the Industry

While wearable robotics are nothing new and have been available for many years, founders Arzanpour and Park noticed a significant issue in existing exoskeletons that stripped the end user of proper motion and independence. Current exoskeletons on the market only support one motion (i.e. forward walking) and require assistance for balance. “Our revolutionary exoskeleton supports all the motions and complex maneuvers that able-bodied people can do and creates stable human-like gaits that are fully self-balanced,” explains Dr. Arzanpour. “Users are independent of arm crutches and human attendants for balancing.” XoMotion, the group's versatile wearable robotic masterpiece, has provided those who need it most with full mobility and revolutionized the standard of care in rehabilitation centers.

Allowed a user to walk independently four years after their injury
2019 Beta I Prototype (“Eli”) - Allowed User to Walk Independently Four Years After their Injury

Staying Ahead of the Curve in an Ever-Changing Technological World

With technology expanding rapidly, HMR is determined to maintain their position as leaders in the market, continuing to offer the best support to their users. To ensure continued success, HMR is committed to investing in research and development (R&D), attracting global talent that can help the company grow in new areas and add value to their product. “The most important factor in our success is our team,” says Dr. Arzanpour, “HMR benefits from young, talented, and hardworking team members who strongly believe in the company’s mission of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities around the world.” 

In addition to their team, strong partnerships are pivotal to HMR’s success. As a leader in the market, support from investors and the Canadian Government enables the team to continue their R&D. Coupled with ties to the world’s frontier research centers in robotics, HMR is on a path to success, building strong relationships that allow them to stay ahead of the curve and on top of expanding technology in their field.

A Life Changing Legacy

A Life Changing Legacy

While HMR has many things to be proud of, from their groundbreaking innovation in human robotics to their commitment to R&D, nothing seems more rewarding to the team than their product's impact on the end-user.

As a company built on pennies and passion, we had many ups and downs. What kept us united and determined to complete our work is the great memories we have from those in wheelchairs and their families. We cried with families who saw their loved ones walking independently again after years of disability. 


      -     Dr. Arzanpour 

Developing innovative technology that changes people’s lives is a result of the heart HMR has committed to its product. Their unwavering compassion and focus on R&D will ensure their continued success as HMR strives to be the epicentre of wearable robotic technologies. “As our director of lived experience, Ms. Chloe Angus, once said,” Dr. Arzanpour shares, “Canada was previously known for Canadarm (space robot). We want to make that legacy complete by also being known for Canadalegs. Arms and legs must go together.” 

Logan Hoffert, Crowe MacKay Partner in Vancouver, provided accounting and assurance support services to Human in Motion Robotics. He prepared a review engagement and assisted the company in addressing investor questions concerning due diligence and comparisons of accounting standards.

Human in Motion Robotics

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