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His Greatest Satisfaction? Mentoring Current and Future Partners

Celebrating 50 Years

Bob McAneeley
Bob McAneeley Headshot 50th Article Image

Reflecting on my 27 years as a Partner at Crowe MacKay LLP brings back some great memories and accomplishments for the Firm and myself.

At Crowe MacKay LLP, I was able to develop my skills in the audit, tax, insolvency, and business advisory areas.

The opportunity to work with a team of skilled and hardworking CPAs, staff, and Partners has lead me to having a rewarding career at Crowe MacKay.

I was able to develop and grow my client base; establish some great relationships with my clients (some of which we have provided services to for 25 years); and I have had the opportunity to train and mentor a number of young CPAs, who have gone on to have rewarding careers with Crowe MacKay, in the private sector and government.

Particularly satisfying for me has been the opportunity to develop and mentor a number of current and future Crowe MacKay Partners.

I take pride in the growth of Crowe MacKay over the years; the respect the Firm has in all the cities that it operates in; the great clients we have; and the continuing opportunities the Firm provides to new accounting students and the future Partners of Crowe MacKay LLP.


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