5 Tips on How Students can Find Success During Recruitment

Alexandra Zamluk
| 4/3/2023

Being knowledgeable and prepared for student recruitment can make a BIG difference between landing a job with your dream firm and not even getting your foot in the door. Crowe recruiters share their tips on how to set yourself up for success this student recruitment season.

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1. Attend as Many Events as Possible

Make your mark and leave a lasting impression. Attending in-person events allows you to meet employers and connect with different members of their teams. The more people you meet the more impact you have – plus you can learn about the firm’s culture!

2. Have Questions Ready

Come prepared with some questions – this helps you get the most out of each interaction. But remember: don’t get so wrapped up in your questions that you forget to go with the flow of the conversation.

3. Make Personal Connections with Recruiters

It’s not all business, we want to get to know you too! What are your hobbies? Do you volunteer? What are you passionate about? Making a personal connection with a recruiter means you are more likely to be remembered.

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4. Review Important Details when Submitting Your Resume

The difference is in the details! Be sure to pay attention to the little details when you are sending in your resume and cover letter. Ensure it is addressed to the right person and sent to the correct firm.

5. Enjoy the Student Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a whirlwind and it goes by quickly, so don’t forget to enjoy it along the way!


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