Bruno Ciolfi

Bruno Ciolfi

Senior Advisor

4150 Sainte-Catherine Street West, 6th floor,

Montréal, Québec H3Z 2Y5,


Bruno Ciolfi joined the firm in September 2015 after retiring from TD Bank where he spent 36 years of his career. Bruno is a great business leader whose focuses on business development and consulting on behalf of Crowe BGK.

Having graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s of Commerce, and after working 1 year in the industry, he joined Toronto Dominion Bank in 1979. After some 6 months in retail banking, he moved onto business banking at St. Lawrence and Prince Arthur.  In approximately 8 years, he ultimately became the Deputy Manager.  Thereafter, he was fortunate to be asked to start and head up the Special Loans Unit (now known as The Financial Restructuring Group) for Quebec. Working with problem files and various professionals was a great learning experience for Bruno. Companies were in trouble for a reason, but once properly identified and with the support and patience from the Bank, management often had the opportunity to make the necessary changes and return the business back to profitability. He would follow this philosophy throughout his career and it was well appreciated by clients and their professionals. He was also fortunate, and the only Vice President at TD, to be permitted to manage problem loans within his center.

In 1994, he was appointed Vice President at the Cote Vertu and 6 years later he headed the Chabanel office which at the time was the largest in Montreal.  Through amalgamations and restructuring, a new office was opened in St. Laurent. The financial crises, while difficult for most financial institutions, was not for TD and especially the Business Bank. As their focus was to compete by being the Better Bankers, they continued supporting and lending to their clients and would be clients. Nationally, this approach helped the TD Business Bank go from being the 5th largest business bank to the 2nd largest. By 2011/ 2012, the St. Laurent office would become TD’s largest mid-market business center, and remained the largest even after spinning off a new Center in the East End of Montreal.

When not hard at work, Bruno enjoys playing golf and taking family vacations to exotic and interesting countries.