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Quebec - Announcement of Additional Delays for Filing Certain Tax Returns and Certain Tax Payments

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Date:                     March 17, 2020

From:                    Crowe BGK Tax Group

Subject:                Latest news – Quebec announces an additional delay to file certain tax returns and for certain tax payments and tax installments for taxpayers

On March 17, 2020, the Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, announced an extension to the deadlines for the filing of personal tax returns and most trust returns. It was also announced that the deadline for individuals, corporations and certain trusts with respect to certain tax balances and installments has been extended. Details of this announcement can be found below:

Qc Filing Ext TABLE due to COVID-19

Note 1: Individuals benefiting from a deadline for filing their income tax return on June 15, 2020 keep this deadline.

Note 2: This includes the payments that an individual must make for their contribution to the QPP, the QPIP, the HSF and the Quebec Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan for the year 2019.

With respect to corporations, it is important to note that the deadline for filing the corporate tax return has not changed. Only the time when the tax balance must be paid is postponed. In addition, no mention was made for the partnership returns, due March 31st, 2020.

Details will be announced at a later date regarding the terms of payment for instalments or tax balances whose payment has been postponed by this announcement.

The Minister still encourages all individuals to file their tax return by April 30th, 2020, and especially those individuals who expect a tax refund. Thus, it was assured that there would be no delay for tax refunds from the Quebec government.

These measures are in effect in Quebec only. The Canada Revenue Agency has not yet announced similar relief for personal, trust and corporate tax returns.