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Ensuring your forward momentum

Automobile dealerships have been part of Crowe BGK’s client mix for years. We understand the specific difficulties that businesses with large and expensive inventories face, including cash flow management issues and the struggle to secure reliable capital. Our multi-disciplinary approach insures that our partners and staff are able to find solutions to all of these matters and ensure that your bottom line is the priority.

What can we do for you?

  • Help secure floor-plan financing for inventory and long-term debt financing for leased vehicles
  • Preparation of business analytics and cash flow projections
  • Aid in supplier reporting requirements
  • Ensure compliance with income tax and sales tax laws relating to dealerships
  • Optimization of corporate structure and tax planning

Did you know?


  • Sales tax laws for automotive dealerships are complex and can vary depending on the nature of the vehicles sold
  • When courtesy vehicles are made available for use they are subject to Quebec sales tax

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David Lesser
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