Fraud and Forensic Services

Mitigate a potential fraud and safeguard your Business

One of the most effective ways to deal with the problem of fraud is to adopt methods that will decrease motive, restrict opportunity and limit the ability for potential fraudsters to rationalise their actions. Prevention techniques include the introduction of policies, procedures and controls, and activities such as training and fraud awareness to stop fraud from occurring.

Any type of fraud can result from varied relationships between victims and offenders for instance


At Crowe, our team combines in depth knowledge of the business and market with extensive experience to prevent potential fraud risk. Our fraud detection and prevention strategy aims at designing an effective strategy to manage the risk of fraud. A sound ethical culture and an effective system of internal control are essential elements of an anti-fraud strategy.

Our diagnostic process mostly involves the following;

  •   Firstly, we perform the risk analysis of the organisation in order to understand where the risk potential exists
  •   We then initiate fraud prevention activities, to help ensure the stability and continued success of the business. This is approached systematically, both at the organisational level and at the operational level, through introduction of controls and procedures
  •   The team then develops and implements an anti-fraud strategy across the entire structure of the business, including reporting mechanisms that provide for communication of suspected fraudulent acts7

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