Oil & Gas

Profitability, reduced capital and proximity to markets are the fundamental factors around which the Oil & Gas industry functions. A company, when working on specific operations, must consider a location based on the strength of the trade between countries and the level of its competition.

Crowe UAE has a strong foundation in the Oil & Gas industry and provides an in-depth coverage of it as a whole. Over the years, we have worked with various diversified public and private businesses pertaining to this sector. Taking into consideration the suitability of a location and the amount of trade, we strive hard to properly position your organization in the competitive field. Drawing from our experience in partnering with some of the giants in the Oil & Gas industry, we are able to fully identify and understand the challenges and opportunities facing this sector. We have broad knowledge in assurance, tax and other financial issues, common to the Oil & Gas industry. Our comprehensive network operating across the globe provides assistance in all areas related to capital investment and various export controls.