Forensic investigation

Crowe team specializes in conducting forensic investigations for our banking clients in the region. Our forensic team consists of fraud examiners, anti-money laundering specialists, legal and former employee of enforcement agency. We perform the forensic investigations as per agreed upon procedures (ISRS 4400).


The investigation will help the bank to ascertain red flags and will include below.

  •   Ascertaining money trail and end use of funds granted for the company operations
  •   Analysing related party transactions &/or major transactions
  •   Verifying revenue from operations
  •   Verification of sales
  •   Verification of receivables
  •   Analysis and verification of purchases and major expenses during the audit period with review of payment process
  •   Review of management controls, minutes of the Board Meeting and Internal Audit System

The methodology is as below.




Crowe brings unmatched expertise and experience to each fraud-prevention engagement and works fast to address and preserve your company’s financial and professional integrity.

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Nadeem Maniar
Partner, DIFC- Fraud and Forensic services