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Summary of main changes of the new Code of Labour Relations

Legal Department
codi rel

Recently, the new Code of Labour Relations (Law 31/2018) has entered into force. The main objective of this regulation is to stimulate and build the labour relationships. At the same time, it intends to boost and develop the existing rules. In accordance with Law 31/2018, modalities for hiring expands to adapt to the characteristics of our labour market, as well as facilitate and encourage hiring.


The following is a summary of the main changes introduced by the new Labour Regulation:


• Due to its relevance, it stands out among the novelties introduced by Law 31/2018, the disappearance of the work contact of a verbal nature.
• The new Code eases hiring with the introduction of the new contractual modalities.
• Extension of the rest period for maternity and paternity.
• Collective rights of salaried employees.