Our Firm

Crowe Andorra is one of the main professional services Firms in the Principality of Andorra.
The Firm

Crowe Andorra is one of the main professional services Firms in the Principality of Andorra. Since its arrival in the territory, it has gradually accumulated broad knowledge and experience of the local economy and industry and has earned a reputation as a top-tier Firm. The company is now able to offer audit services to public and private bodies and to help its clients reach their objectives thanks to its extensive knowledge within the accounting, fiscal and legal advice fields.

The firm currently has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team of more than 40 professionals, who place their professional qualifications and knowledge at the service of our clients in order to guarantee an optimal result.

The firm is also a member of Crowe Global, one of the world’s 10 largest audit and professional services firms and with an impeccable international reputation. This network is made up of more than 200 independent firms within the auditing, accounting advisory, taxation and legal fields that operate in more than 130 countries around the world, and it has over 640 offices and more than 33,000 professionals.

Our mission

Our objective is to provide a service with the maximum technical rigour, thereby guaranteeing the standards of quality and professional ethics that are required within the framework of our activity. This allows us to help our clients reach their professional, economic and social objectives.

In this regard, the services we provide are based on trust, commitment, confidentiality, independence, experience and the quality of these services, and sharing these characteristics with the international network of Crowe Global.


Over the course of their professional careers, the current Managing Partners, Antoni Bisbal Galbany and Vladimir Fernández Armengol have accumulated a solid experience and an extensive knowledge of both the domestic and the international market within the fields of the provision of auditing, taxation and accounting advice working for large international firms. This circumstance has allowed them to reach a privileged professional position, and has helped them gain the trust of their clients and professional colleagues.

Antoni and Vladimir founded Alfa Capital in 2006. This professional services firm specialises in auditing, tax advisory services, and it is now one of the Principality’s main companies of reference.

After several years of continuous growth and in order to offer a global service that could respond to each of its clients’ needs, Alfa Capital became part of the international firm Crowe Global in 2015 and changed its name to the current one of Crowe Andorra. However, this change did not result in any modifications in the work structure, ownership or management of the firm, which has maintained its national roots and guiding principles.

In 2017, with a view to offering a wider range of services, Crowe Andorra hired Mr. Luis José Sánchez. Following his incorporation to the firm, Crowe Andorra can now offer not only the services that it has been providing up to now (auditing, accounting and tax advice) but a legal advisory service in civil, labour, commercial, corporate, procedural and administrative matters as well.

Today, Crowe Andorra is the only professional services firm in the Principality that can offer such a wide range of professional services.

The aim for the future is to continue enjoying the trust of our clients and collaborators so that we can continue growing together with our clients, without losing the capacity to offer a rigorous, professional and excellent service.