Laura Compano

Laura Compañó

Partner of the Advisory Department
Crowe Andorra

Partner of the Advisory Department of Crowe Andorra

Academic Background

Ms. Compañó holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She was awarded a Postgraduate qualification in Auditing (ROAC) by the Catalan Institute of Statutory Auditors, and she holds a Postgraduate qualification in Taxation from the CEF (Centre d’Estudis Financers) in Barcelona.

Professional Experience

She started her professional career at the international firm KPMG as an auditor and stayed in that firm for more than 6 years. She subsequently joined Bargosa, where she held the positions of Financial Controller and Deputy Financial Manager.

Throughout her professional career spanning over more than 9 years’ experience as an auditor, consultant and advisor, both to companies and natural persons within the national and international environment, Ms. Compañó has accumulated a solid experience in auditing, finance, taxation and in providing advice to both natural persons and legal entities.

She is currently Partner of the Risk Advisory Services Department of Crowe Andorra and she is also in charge of the Firm’s Financial and Human Resources Department, having joined the firm in 2013. Her main tasks include giving accounting and tax advice to national and international companies, as well as carrying out our firm’s financial, fiscal and labour reviews.

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