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About Crowe Financial Services
Established in 2002, Crowe Financial Services S A (Pty) Ltd was created as an extension of our service delivery ethic to meet the broader financial requirements of our existing clients. The success of our approach to creating and preserving wealth continuously attracts new clients to the Crowe fold.

Our aim is to be recognised by our clients as the trusted advisor for all their financial decisions, so they can achieve peace of mind and a willingness to communicate this to their friends and colleagues.
Your vision of success becomes a reality

By combining our intellectual expertise with the resources of our expert independent partners we offer our clients the best possible solution. Our collaborative business model ensures that financial solutions are built to suit the need, goals and aspirations of each client with a roadmap being drawn to plan and monitor the route.

You will recognise value in ‘the Crowe Horwath way’ because we:

  • Understand our client's desired lifestyle, needs and risks tolerances.
  • Create a clear view of future expectations.
  • Take an educational approach with our clients ensuring they can make informed decisions. 
  • Create a sustainable roadmap so our clients can reach their chosen goals.
  • Continuously monitor and provide feedback on progress of the route.
  • Revisit needs, goals and aspirations to ensure you are still on the right track.

Core Services and Solutions

Managed Investments
Statistics show that most South Africans are unable to achieve their desired retirement lifestyle due to insufficient savings. Our mission is to ensure that our clients achieve their financial goals and that they are financially secure throughout their retirement years.

Our investment principles and process can help shine a light on your investment making decisions whether you are reviewing your existing investments or considering making new investments. Our dependable process provides a road to follow regardless of market movements.

The creation and preservation of wealth is not a static exercise and wealth objectives differ for each and every client – private individuals, corporates or trusts – with these objectives changing through life.

The particular lifestyle aspirations, goals and needs of a client will dictate the specific investment approach we follow with diversified portfolios being the core to help manage investment risks. 
Continual reviewing ensures that we always have an up to date understanding of our clients’ aspirations, needs and goals. Any necessary changes to their investments are swiftly and easily effected ensuring that the two are always aligned, no matter the stage of life of the client.

Risk Assessment
The emphasis is on protecting the business and the business owner’s equity and interests. This includes that the security of the business is assured in the event of the owner’s illness, disability or death. We ensure that the appropriate compensation schemes, funding mechanisms and legal agreements are in place. The complex tax and legislative requirements are appropriately considered.

Suretyship protection
Raising finance can be critical to sustain the operations and growth of ones business. When doing so owners usually have to sign personal surety on behalf of their businesses. Death of a business owner could affect the security of a family. In order to separate personal financial need from business obligations, we implement suretyship protection.

Key staff members
Many business owners recognise their staff to be their most valuable asset. How would the death of key staff member impact financially on the business? How can the business protect itself? The solution could be to insure these individuals.

Business Continuity
Many people spend a great deal of time and effort establishing and operating their biggest asset, a business. An untimely death could mean that this asset could be lost to their family, and dependants could be left in an awkward financial position. To avoid this possibility business continuity plans can be implemented. 

For the business owner:
§  Buy and sell cover agreements
§  Contingent liability cover and agreements
§  Loan account redemptions

For the business:
§  Business overheads cover
§  Key person cover
§  Loan account protection
§  Surety protection

Service Leader

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Neal Mandy
Crowe Financial Services SA (Pty) Ltd