National Budget

South Africa

National Budget 2022

In your interest 2022/2023

Knowing the rules makes one a better player.

Understanding tax issues is core to any financial services business, which is why we at Crowe in Southern Africa have a highly respected tax consulting service that is also capable of ensuring that all your tax compliance needs are met.

This years tax booklet concentrates on the practical aspects of the 2022 Budget and also provides a summary of existing tax and related issues.

Download In your interest tax booklet 2022/2023

The Budget Speech 2022

The Minister of Finance, Mr Enoch Godongwana, will deliver his annual Budget on Wednesday

23 February 2022.

Instead of producing our extensive annual Budget brochure, we have decided to produce Budget Snapshots each week highlighting important changes that we think will be of interest to you. We hope you will find our Budget Snapshots both practical and informative and that it will assist you in making beneficial decisions during the next tax year. Our In your Interest tax booklet will be available during the first week of March 2022.

Budget Snapshots - Issue 2 Tax Rates

Tax Rates 2022

Issue 2 - Download
Tax series

Tax Rates for Companies and Close Corporations

Issue 3 - Download
Budget Series issue 4

Medical and Physical Disability Expenses

Issue 4 - Download
Budget Series issue 5

Benefits for Small Business Corporations

Issue 5 - Download
Budget snapshot issue 6

Assessed Tax Losses in Companies and Close Corporations  

Issue 6 -  Download
Budget snapshot issue 7

Employment Tax Incentives

Issue 7 -Download

Budget snapshot issue 8

Expense Reimbursements and Travel Expenses 

Issue 8 - Download
Budget Snapshot Issue 9

Exchange Control Relaxations for Natural Persons

Issue 9 - Download

Disclosure of Wealth

Issue 10 - Download

A Few Other Announcements and Developments

Issue  11 - Download