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About Us

We invest in tomorrow because we know smart decisions build lasting value for our clients, people, and profession.

For over 90 years, Crowe in Southern Africa has helped make smart decisions for SME and multinational clients working across borders.

Crowe Global is one of the top 10 leading global accounting networks with over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in more than 145 countries. As an independent member of Crowe Global, we serve clients worldwide.

Crowe in Southern Africa specialises in audit, tax, advisory and human capital performance. We use our deep industry expertise to provide services to public and private entities. Our member firms and its subsidiaries help clients make smart decisions that lead to lasting value.

Crowe’s leaders work with governments, regulatory bodies and industry groups to shape the future of the profession worldwide. Their exceptional knowledge of business, local laws and customs provide lasting value to clients undertaking international projects.

Crowe provides global reach on a personal scale. Firms are focused on the future and the client experience, working with clients to build something valuable, substantial, and enduring. Close working relationships are at the heart of our effective service delivery.

At Crowe, our professionals all share one commitment, to deliver excellence. 

African Footprint

Technical Newsletter of the African Crowe Global firm.