Taking the lead

Crowe Réunion

Taking the Lead in Training Job Seekers

Abdoullah Lala
Taking the lead
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A low number of applicants, candidates' lack of technical skills and the local training market not producing enough qualified candidates are the main reasons for recruiting difficulties faced by accounting firms. Hence Crowe Réunion trains job seekers to make up for the shortage of candidates.

Crowe Réunion, accounting, consulting and auditing firm has trained seven job seekers who are now ready to enter the labor market.

12 weeks ago, they were looking for job offers but did not meet the qualification requirements as specified in the advertisements. On the other hand, many accounting firms are unable to find candidates to fill the offered positions. "We recruit regularly and each recruitment period is complex because candidates are scarce," confirms Abdoullah Lala, Chair of Crowe Réunion. In order to help these people, Crowe Réunion decided to make available and share the expertise of its employees so that job seekers can re-enter the labor market with the necessary skills.

After 12 weeks of training and upgrading their competences in the accounting firm, the seven candidates have completed their training and are ready to enter the labor market.

On 29 January 2021, Crowe Réunion presented them with a certificate attesting that they succeeded in the said training. Madame Brigitte Adame, Mayor deputy,delegate for popular education and community life, was present at this event. “It's great to see the involvement of an employer who becomes a trainer. Crowe Réunion played an important role for these seven job seekers. It is also a societal role that was highlighted with this training, and I am proud to be here today ", she explains.

“We had courses in accounting, taxation, law, ethics. It has not been easy every day, but we will be able to find a job soon and that is really the most important ", says Delphine Albac one of the learners.

As an introduction to this award ceremony, Crowe Réunion's CEO, Amina Lala congratulated the trainees by explaining:

"You have been able to work long hours everyday during three months, showing enthusiasm, concentration and rigor.”

“Maintaining this desire throughout your professional career is what will make you successful! Crowe Réunion will remain by your side to help you find a job following this training" continues Abdoullah Lala, Chair of the Réunion Island accounting and expertise firm.

Thus Mrs Brigitte Adame concludes by saying “There is room for you! You have already opened doors thanks to this training.”

For this first training session, Mrs Nadine Lamber was the most successful. We hope the Dionysian woman finds the appropriate job position quickly. In addition, among the seven candidates, three have already found a job.

Following the success of this training, a second session is planned, this time in the south of the island, which should start in March 2021.