Earning stakeholder trust in new technology adoption

Staying ahead of technology-related risk is crucial in a rapidly changing landscape of digital innovation and emerging threats in data governance, cloud, and cyber security.

Organizations are bypassing IT functions and governance in their rush to adopt new technologies, risking higher costs, greater risks, and decreased stakeholder trust.

The methods that companies employ to evaluate, select, invest in, and roll out technology have the potential to drive competitive advantage and business growth, or to cause financial setbacks, asset devaluations, and harm to brand image.

At CA, we understand that digital transformation involves more than just vulnerability and security. Our Technology Risk professionals take a holistic view, considering the strategic impact of technologies and new business models on your entire organization. We assist in establishing a governance framework that encourages innovation, manages risks, and builds trust among stakeholders during the adoption of disruptive technologies.

Areas we cover include:

  • Data privacy
  • Cyber and information security
  • Cloud computing risk assessment
  • Conducting penetration tests
  • Integrated audits with the business auditors
  • Third-party risk
  • Development of control frameworks