Concentrating on your preferences and skills

In the hospitality & leisure industry, it is of utmost importance for hotels and restaurants to offer top-notch service and create an exceptional customer experience for their guests. Managing a successful hospitality business is a constant endeavor that demands unwavering commitment and meticulous attention to daily operations. The financial accounting and bookkeeping requirements, along with staying informed about evolving tax regulations, can pose a significant challenge for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry.


Owning and operating hotels requires extensive expertise in these special properties. The services offered by CA are tailored to support hotels at every stage of their financial advisory life-cycle. Our solutions are focused on helping clients optimize their economic performance.

We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire lifespan of a hotel property, from purchase through management to sale. Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to offer financially prudent recommendations that are in line with our clients' goals. The fact that our professional solutions are trusted by hotels and developers speaks to our expertise and credibility.


The restaurants are facing complex issues, including exchange rate fluctuations, import chain disruptions, and elevated costs of raw ingredients. With our audit, advisory and tax teams providing insights and value that goes beyond the expected, we are ready to support your organization at speed and scale.

The restaurant industry has encountered obstacles like frequent staff changes and rising prices, but it has also witnessed a renewed interest in dining outside the home. We can support you in navigating these challenges and continuing your journey towards success.

Our services are handled by professionals who possess deep knowledge of your industry. They not only ensure efficient and effective execution, but also offer valuable insights that enhance the value of your compliance investment.

Services offered by CA include:

  • Asset Management
  • Pre-opening Services
  • Market & Feasibility Studies and Development Strategy
  • Property valuation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Authenticate the precise accounting procedure