Your actions should always consider the best interests of the public

Reliable and sustainable solutions in the public sector are derived from the translation of external funding, policies, and programs.

We offer impartial services to guide you through challenges, as well as premium services to enable you to make a greater impact within your community.

With a strong track record, CA has partnered with numerous local government sectors. Our expertise lies in delivering reliable audit, risk management, and process improvement solutions, instilling confidence in our clients.

Our team strives to achieve impactful outcomes by comprehending the challenges and having a profound understanding of the functioning of the public sector.

Ways we can help

Audit services
Tax services
Advisory services
Risk services
Audit services

Public sector audits carried out by seasoned auditors

Ensure timely delivery and adherence to regulations with our top-notch public sector audit services. Our team possesses extensive industry expertise and a deep understanding of audit practices, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Backed by remarkable collective experience as auditors, our partners are fully committed to serving the public sector. Furthermore, our active involvement in professional associations, including holding board positions, enables us to contribute to the establishment of industry standards. Rest assured, we possess the necessary qualifications to fulfill your audit requirements.

Tax services

Devoted to assisting exempt entities

To maintain their tax-exempt status, organizations must stay informed about evolving tax laws and regulations. They need to be proactive in meeting compliance requirements and addressing any issues that may arise.

Entities with exempt status operate within a unique framework. They are obligated to comply with specific regulations, keep abreast of legislative changes, and handle staffing and budgetary limitations.

CA is dedicated to nurturing professionals with in-depth knowledge and skills, while also harnessing the power of technology to cater to diverse exempt organizations.

We assist exempt organizations in navigating tax regulations and provide strategic advice to enhance their operations. Our goal is to help you maintain your tax-exempt status and optimize your impact in the community.

Advisory services

The public sector is molded by funding sources, policies, and programs. Converting these factors into reliable and sustainable solutions is key to achieving positive outcomes and maintaining efficiency.

Merely finishing the job is not satisfactory. It is essential to offer your audience services and solutions that are durable and can withstand both the passage of time and public evaluation.

CA offers consulting solutions that can assist you in effectively managing revenue and enhancing performance. Additionally, we provide independent audit services to ensure that you maintain compliance and achieve financial reporting excellence as financial stewards.

Risk services

The media and the public as a whole closely monitor Public Sector companies, subjecting them to intense scrutiny. Taxpayers, activists, and concerned citizens all perceive themselves as having a stake in the success or failure of these organizations. Therefore, any work undertaken by CA in this sector has the potential to attract significant attention and criticism.

The purpose of the risk assessment process is to minimize the likelihood of such incidents occurring and minimize their consequences.

How else CA can help