Amidst the turmoil in the country, the agricultural sector stands out as a beacon of hope, demonstrating its ability to thrive in difficult circumstances. It is essential to recognize and harness the existing potential within the industry.

Both agricultural producers and ministry of agriculture officials recognize the pressing issues within the sector that demand prompt action. The discussion revolves around revitalizing the industry strategy, evaluating the effectiveness of current state support programs considering financial limitations, ensuring affordable finance for farmers, boosting investment in the sector, such as technology transfer, and addressing various issues like land reform and international certification of Yemeni agricultural products.

CA is proud to have a dedicated team who are ready to tackle the current challenges head-on. With our expertise in transnational agricultural deals, we are well-positioned to play a significant role in achieving successful resolutions.

The CA team has a proven track record of evaluating the effectiveness of government assistance for various industries and maintains regular communication with state authorities and agencies. This expertise can also be applied to the agricultural sector.

Our expertise lies in managing a wide range of important issues for our clients:

  • Pursuing investment and funding opportunities 
  • Complying with reporting and regulatory requirements
  • Addressing tax reform plans
  • Researching market entry and growth possibilities
  • Determining suitable business operation structures
  • Increasing handling and storage efficiency
  • Cost management and supervision
  • Studying government climate change initiatives
  • Fluctuating earnings caused by currency rates and commodity prices
  • Resolving customs and quota challenges
  • Acquisition and transaction support
  • Providing guidance on control and governance structures

Clients leverage our extensive technical resources and industry expertise to enhance their internal capabilities and gain a new, unbiased viewpoint on critical strategic and operational matters.