CA fuels sustainability and success

Our team at CA is dedicated to providing top-notch expertise in various areas such as strategic design, process improvement, accounting, finance, and technology. We strive to help businesses in the energy and mining industries achieve their goals and navigate complex challenges effectively.

We are uniquely positioned to provide you with relevant solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your industry.


To navigate the capital and environmental risks inherent in the mining industry, it is vital to engage with an accounting firm that has a comprehensive understanding of your business. By partnering with such a firm, you can assess, explore, and enhance your operations while mitigating the challenges posed by regulations.

CA professionals possess a deep understanding of present-day concerns, pay meticulous attention to technical aspects, and are constantly motivated to introduce new ideas. The mining industry is currently facing exceptionally tough challenges that frequently require financial expertise. Enhance your performance by surrounding yourself with motivated CA mining professionals who can assist you.


Whether your company is transitioning to sustainable energy sources, aiming to leverage energy tax credits, or supporting conventional energy infrastructure and services, you are well aware that market fluctuations and significant legislation can swiftly transform the landscape.

Through our meticulous attention to detail and expertise in accounting and tax matters, we are well-equipped to provide guidance that can propel your business forward. By staying informed on legislative changes and industry trends, we ensure that our advice is always relevant and impactful for your company's success.

How we can help

  • Accounting and tax advisory.
  • Development assets.
  • Impairment of non-financial resources.
  • Exploration and evaluation (E&E) expenditures.
  • Property, plant and equipment (PP&E) resource management.
  • Foreign currency and revenue risk.
  • Business consolidation.