Many organizations lack the necessary time, resources, or expertise to effectively implement Enterprise Risk Management, which is often essential for meeting internal and regulatory obligations. That’s where CA comes in. We combine our award-winning proprietary software with first-class services to provide you with a complete solution with both expertise and technology.

Properly executing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can lead to more informed decision-making, heightened operational effectiveness, and fortified risk management practices to uphold essential Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) undertakings. Quantitate ERM Services offer a strategic and holistic approach to risk identification and assessment, along with evaluating your current risk management infrastructure. We specialize in developing and implementing effective ERM processes that are continuous and thorough.

ERM implementation can be prompted by a range of factors, including catastrophic events like stock market crashes and the current credit crisis. Additionally, credit rating processes, compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Central Bank and other government entities, competition adopting ERM, challenges posed by new or emerging products, and the ever-evolving nature of business risk can all serve as triggers for organizations to implement ERM.

We offer the following ERM services:

  • ERM Capability Assessment 
  • ERM Policy Development
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • End-to-End ERM Design & Implementation
  • Risk Analysis & Quantification