Strengthen your security today for a risk-free tomorrow

In an era of advancing digital innovation and evolving risks in data governance, cloud, and cyber security, it is essential to proactively manage technology-related risks.

The Technology Risk teams at CA are dedicated to supporting your business growth by offering expert guidance on protecting your business performance and maintaining compliance with internal control and regulatory requirements. Through their assessment of technology risks, CA teams provide trusted communications to investors, management, regulators, customers, and other stakeholders, helping you build a resilient and secure business environment.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT controls, cybersecurity attestation, cloud assurance, certification, contractual compliance, and software asset management strategies, initiatives, processes, and issues. Our services are designed to help you confidently navigate the complexities of the digital world, allowing you to make decisions efficiently.

Cybersecurity risk services and solutions:

  • Cyber-security Guidelines
  • Information Security Management
  • Security Management
  • Manage IT Security Operations
  • Verifying the effectiveness of IT controls through Penetration Tests.