AUP audit

An agreed-upon procedures engagement involves an auditor conducting specific audit procedures that have been agreed upon by the auditor, the entity, and any relevant third parties. The auditor then reports factual findings, allowing recipients to draw their own conclusions from the auditor's report.

The report is restricted to those parties that have agreed to the procedures to be performed since others, unaware of the reasons for the procedures may misinterpret the results. For example, an agreed-upon procedures engagement may be commissioned by an entity which is acquiring another business. The entity may engage an audit to report on specific aspects of the business that it is buying.

Our services

The credibility of the information shared with external parties, including banks, regulatory agencies, potential investors, or buyers, can be strengthened through the implementation of agreed-upon procedures.

Our firm offers tailored financial reporting services for a range of scenarios, including document and transaction reviews, verification of information with external parties, and data comparison against set benchmarks. Agreed-upon procedures can be applied in various situations to deliver specific information and provide assurance to both internal stakeholders and external parties.