M&A Transaction and Deal Life Cycle

Mergers and acquisitions go beyond implementing a disruptive business strategy. They represent transformative occasions that offer the chance to pioneer a new path and make a beneficial influence, both in the corporate world and in society.

Experienced professionals are available to assist businesses in improving their planning and negotiation skills, whether they are acting as buyers or sellers. These experts ensure that all financial, legal, and commercial aspects are carefully considered and that any exchanged information is thoroughly verified and validated.

To unlock the complete potential of these moments, it is crucial to bring forth all of your capabilities. This entails not only possessing courage, but also possessing nerve. It encompasses having not just a plan, but also a vision. And it demands not only passion, but also compassion.

The presence of a suitable advisor, particularly CA, is paramount. Our shared bold purpose, values, and perspective align with yours. Count on our seasoned professionals, bolstered by state-of-the-art technology and our vast network of consulting, tax, audit, and financial advisory experts to guide you towards achieving more than you ever thought possible, with confidence.

Industry focus

Our extensive worldwide network grants access to experts who possess extensive industry expertise and unbiased guidance for every transaction. Our professionals are highly knowledgeable about the growth and value drivers in various sectors, such as financial services, industrials, government and public sector, real estate, health and wellness, technology and telecoms, consumer products and retail, and energy. With decades of combined experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

M&A strategy

At CA, we understand the importance of a well-defined M&A strategy that takes into account your corporate goals and the dynamic industry environment. Our experts can help you navigate through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, whether you require a defensive strategy to enhance resilience or an offensive approach to drive business model transformation and tap into ecosystem value.

When it comes to acquisitions, we establish a structured approach to identify the qualities of a potential target and evaluate the factors that determine its suitability for our shortlist. This includes analyzing the drivers and synergies that can contribute to a successful acquisition.

Our M&A strategy services include:

  • Growth and portfolio strategy development 
  • Strategic and operating model assessment 
  • Buy-side and sell-side capability development 
  • Modeling and strategic alternatives
  • Buy-side and sell-side corporate finance/investment banking 
  • M&A innovative technologies 
Transaction readiness

he individuals, procedures, and tools at CA are capable of facilitating thorough transaction due diligence in financial, operational, and commercial aspects, allowing you to concentrate on the broader perspective.

  • Execution & closing
  • Preparing and negotiating legal agreements 
  • Signing & Closing
  • SPA accounting
  • Regulatory approvals
Integration strategy
The process of getting everything and everyone ready for Day 1 implementation encompasses various workstreams and milestones, including both tangible concerns like cybersecurity and intangible factors like corporate culture. Skillfully executing these interconnected elements has enduring consequences for achieving long-term synergies and performance targets post-deal.
Divestiture strategy
When it comes to divesting an asset or selling an entire company, there are several challenges to consider, including costs, timeframes, and the potential disruption to regular business operations.
Execution & closing
  • Preparing and negotiating legal agreements 
  • Signing & Closing
  • SPA accounting
  • Regulatory approvals

From start to finish, we provide a comprehensive range of services that encompass strategy, due diligence, transaction execution, and post-deal integration or divestiture. Our focus is on helping you achieve sustainable growth and gain a competitive advantage. We understand that your objectives extend beyond the immediate deal, and we are dedicated to helping you leave a lasting legacy.

Our approach blends extensive industry expertise with a streamlined methodology based on integrity, openness, and a forward-thinking approach. By leveraging our cognitive tools and accelerators, we harness the potential of automation, analytics, and machine learning in M&A deals. This empowers you to proactively anticipate future challenges and successfully adapt your organization to change.