Investor search services are customized resources that aid in the process of identifying and establishing connections with potential investors who have an interest in providing financial assistance for a variety of endeavors.

These services offer significant value to individuals looking to secure funding for various purposes such as business growth, developing new products, conducting research initiatives, or exploring investment prospects.

Deal Strategy
  • Crafting top-notch deal collaterals that effectively communicate the client's business story. This includes creating a captivating Marketing Decks and an informative Information Memorandum.
  • The process of creating a shortlist and evaluating potential investors is essential when aiming to identify suitable candidates for investment.
Comparable Market Research
  • Examination of transactions.
  • Evaluate the client's industry, market dynamics, and competitive landscape to pinpoint potential buyers, including strategic acquirers and investors.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence on potential investors or high-level individuals to ensure compliance with KYC regulations.
  • The Information Memorandum encompasses essential information about the company, sector, revenue, employee profiles, and financial details.


Buyer Outreach
  • Attracting potential investors by providing details about the client group through a pitch deck or investment teaser, without revealing their identity.
  • Identifying potential investors that share a similar strategic vision.


Sharing Documents
  • To ensure confidentiality, signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) must be obtained before sharing Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) with interested buyers.
  • Collaborate with clients, investors, and banks through discussions and meetings, ensuring prompt responses to queries and the provision of requested information.
Exclusivity Agreement / Term sheet
  • The process of selecting potential buyers will be conducted by evaluating the bids and term sheets received.
  • Interact with client management in detailed negotiations to enhance and finalize deal terms subsequent to receiving a Letter of Intent.
  • Aid client legal representatives in the preparation and assessment of term sheets, which may encompass exclusivity arrangements with interested purchasers.